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Karper SG Boilies

Following the recent success I’ve had on the local club water I’ve been fishing in Yateley using the Sweetcornz Boilies, there was a period of a few sessions where the bites seemed harder to come by. I believe this was due to the recent weed plume in the lake leading to a greater supply of a natural food source for the carp to feast on.

This was the perfect time for me to switch my baiting approach to a more natural source to try to entice the carp in and therefore convert this into more bites.

The bait of choice was the Karper SG Range, the bait is a dark brown in colour and consists of a strong taste and aroma of garlic with an undertone of shrimp in the background. This was soaked in the Karper SG Energiser syrup in the morning prior to the session for extra attraction.

Having arrived at the lake shortly after work in the early evening, I went about locating the carp which were situated down the far end of the lake amongst the dense weed beds and lily pads in the corner of the lake.

I was able to go about wrapping the rods up straight away to the spots having fished this swim previously. The first rod was positioned up tight to a set of pads and the other was fished on a small gravel patch amongst the dense weed, both rods were then baited with approximately 50 baits.

The rigs of choice for this session was a German rig fished on a Helicopter set up. With the baits of choice being an SG wafter on one rod and then a SG boilie topped with a Chocmint popup on the other rod.

Approximately an hour into the session the left hand rod was away, pulling into the fish I immediately had to walk back to prevent the fish tangling with the pads. With the fish moving away from the pads eventually and with a short fight amongst the weed beds I was able to slip it in net. This fish went 17lb and was very welcome this early on in the session.

I repositioned the rod and topped up the spot with around another 40 baits. Despite seeing fish feeding over the 2 spots and then revisiting after a regular top up of the spot, the night remained a quiet one.

It wasn’t until around 5am the next morning that I’d had my next bite shortly after a re-bait and recast. Unfortunately after a short fight, I lost this fish due to a hook pull following it weeding me up solid. Shortly after this I had to pack up to make it back for work. I left the lake happy with how the bait had performed in tough conditions, and eager to utilise this again on my next sessions.

After the success in the previous session I was eager to get back down the complex for another overnighter between work. The middle lake I was planning to target was busy with only a small selection of swims remaining, I therefore opted to go onto the lower lake.

Having located the carp sat sunning themselves in the main body of water, I set about baiting and positioning the rods out onto the spots. I went with the same baiting approach and rig tactics as the previous session, topping up the spot regularly with a handful of bait every couple of hours.

This paid off throughout the night, where I went on to land 3 carp all around the mid-double mark, I believe the regular introduction of the Karper SG boilies soaked in the Energiser syrup was paramount in prompting the fish to home in on the spot and to feed.

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