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Parco Del Brenta 2021

Leading up to the trip:

On the lead up to the trip anticipation built and after doing plenty of research, I had a plan of attack to fish Solid Bags and Wafter Rigs over big beds of Bait, a tactic which seemed proven to work well at Parco

For Solid Bags, I was armed with the KARPER Pandanomium pellets, SCZ wafters and popups as well as a range of Energiser gels and liquids to inject into Solid PVA Bags. 

Prior to the trip I tied approximately 40 Solid bag Rigs up all around 4 inches long using a wide gape hook and the Dark Matter Braid. I used a whipping knot on the hook to make the hair for the bait exit opposite the barb.

I then tied the hook on using a 7 turn knotless knot and put a small piece of shrink tubing over the eye to add an extra kicker to the hook to improve the hooking potential.

I also tied up plenty of leaders up with 3oz Inline leads so I could loop to loop these on to my mainline for faster and easier fishing. 

Due to last minute issues with the van we were going to drive in we had to get a flight to Italy, so this put restrictions on the boilies we could use, however we managed to stuff all the hookbaits, pellets and liquids into suitcases. Due to covid restrictions there was also plenty of documents and test ls that we needed to be able to travel, but this was all worthwhile in the end !

Arriving to the lake:

Upon arrival to the lake and having walked around with the group from the lake exclusive, it became apparent that the fish seemed to be predominantly holding up in the main body of water. Due to my dad and I sharing a lot of the resources and tackle we were looking to find a double swim or two close single swims to fish in.

The draw:

The dreaded draw soon came about, and this couldn't have gone any better when between us we got 1st and 2nd choice swims. We opted to go in Swims 11 and 12 for the week, with me choosing the latter. 

Finding spots:

In terms of finding spots I put all 3 rods on a spot at 14 wraps on a shallower area, where I had seen fish activity when I arrived. I put 20 spombs over the top of the 3 rods, the mix consisted of lake pellet and sweetcorn a deadly combination at Parco, all glugged in KARPER SCZ Energiser Liquid.


Throughout the week I kept the bait going in on a regular basis keeping the spot topped up with Lake Pellet and Sweetcorn soaked in the Energiser Liquid. Topping up between bites and after periods of less action to ring the dinner bell. 

During the week, I ended up using over 80kg of Pellet and corn and this paid off as I managed to land 44 fish and beat my PB twice.


  • 1 x 60s (66.4M)
  • 1 x 50s (58.4M)
  • 1 x 40s (47M)
  • 13 x 30s
  • 19 x 20s
  • 9 x doubles


Most of his fish fell to Solid bags filled with KARPER Sweetcornz Pandanomium pellets and hookbaits of choice, KARPER Dispersion Sweetcorn Wafters and SCZ Ultra fluro white wafters, bags filled with Sweetcorn Energiser gel for extra attraction doing the job as always. 

Mega chuffed with the result, and made all the hassle before the trip with travel and covid restrictions worthwhile for this session of a lifetime.

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